Announcement ENX189-00000003

This document has been classified as Red Clearance. Citizens of Infrared Clearance reading this document should report to the nearest Termination Centre immediately.

Teach yourself Troubleshooting in 21 day-cycles

Know your enemies:

1. Communists:

1.1. Other Names:

1.2. Description:
Communists are a dangerous subject. The Computer has a great hatred for evil Communists. They seek to destroy the bliss that is Alpha Complex. Communists are one of the secret societies that you are now tasked to seek out and destroy. And, believe me, that is much more benevolent than anything the Computer would do to them.

2. Hazardous Aberrant Computer Knowledge Eagerness Retainers:

2.1. Other Names:

2.2. Description:
Due to its complexity and elaborateness, the programming technique is highly dangerous and forbidden for those below Indigo Security Clearance.
Under normal circumstances, the unauthorized computer knowledge damages the clone brains, which results in painful expiration thereafter. Though, according to the R&D report HAC-10678943, some commie traiters had developed a method to protect themselves from the hazard. As a result, those who possess illegal computer knowledge are labeled as Hackers and subjects to termination.

3. Mutants:

3.1. Other Names:

3.2. Description:
As any troubleshooter should know, the mutation itself is not a treason. The Computer is awared that most mutants are the victims of Communist conspiracy. Though, according to the PLC&MC report MUT-65448215, mutants are found highly susceptible to Communist propaganda.
Any citizen with mutation syndromes should report to the nearest mutant registration station. For the identification of mutations, please refer to the Red Clearance Human Appearance and Behavior Criteria ABC-00108379, which is accessible at any Public Terminals. Any unregistered mutant is subject to termination.

4. Secret societies:

4.1. Other Names:

4.2. Description:
We must admit that human is not perfect. Some citizens just don't have the courage or purity to embrace the guidance of the Computer. The secret societies are the gatherings of those unenlightened citizens.
As a truly friend to man-kind, the Computer is tolerant toward certain patriotic secret societies, for example: Glorious Oligarchy Defender(GOD) and DIE! MUTANTS!(DM!).
If you uncovered any secret society or the members of it, please fill in the Secret Society Investigation forms SSI-02256379. Your help will be noted and the appropriate counter actions will be taken after the hazard evaluation procedures.

5. Citizens:

5.1. Other Names:

5.2. Description:
Bascially, the Infrareds are the ones to be protected. However, as any good troubleshooter should know, traitors are everywhere, willingly or not. Be vigilant and

Happy Troubleshooting!

High Analyzer Hobgo-B-LIN