Announcement ENX189-00000002

This document has been classified as Red Clearance. Citizens of Infrared Clearance reading this document should report to the nearest Termination Centre immediately.

Troubleshooting and you

Holy Chant of Friend Computer:

(The Chant should be invoked three times a day at 0800, 1500 and 2100. Anyone failing to follow must report to the nearest Self-Confession Centre and file the HIV389-1001 forms. The punishment will be issued after a thorough investigation of the case.)

Fore the Reckoning, corruptions and pollutions there were.
Among the people walked Famine, Pestillence, War and Death.

When the land runs desolate,
Friend Computer nourished us.
When the adultery was sinful no more,
Friend Computer purged us.
When the fiery rain poured from the sky,
Friend Computer sheltered us.
When the judgement turned ashes,
Friend Computer revitalized us.

From the innocent Infrared to the dilligent Ultraviolet,
Friend Computer is hailed.

Because the Computer so loved us,
whoever follows will be graced eternal life and happiness.
For the unbelievers,
we server as the hand of righteousness.

High Analyzer Hobgo-B-LIN