Announcement ENX189-00000001

This document has been classified as Red Clearance. Citizens of Infrared Clearance reading this document should report to the nearest Termination Centre immediately.

Dear honored citizens of Alpha Complex,

To my greatest pleasure, I am here to inform you that you have been chosen to be a Troubleshooter.

As I foresee, some of you might have heard about the name already. However, please allow me to remind you, that rumors are treason. If you happen to know the source of rumors, please report to the Internal Security. If you have any knowledge of rumors, please report to the nearest Termination Centre.

Troubleshooters are, for the namesake, to help to shoot the troubles off. As you should know, Alpha Complex, the beloved city we dwell in, is the last sanctuary of humanity. And we must do our best to stand against the treason of evil Communists. Now, being a Troubleshooter, you have been presented an excellent chance to help the innocent flock. And, most importantly, achieve a higher Security Clearance.

Of course, as a kindly friend of all citizens, I will not force you into decision. If you choose not to contribute you efforts, please stop reading and report to the nearest Termination Centre.

First thing you should know, as a Troubleshooter, is to keep absolute secret. The citizens are very sensitive and the knowledge of Communists among them will surely results in panic. Every communication between you, your designated leaders and your fellow Troubleshooters have to be done within this secret sub-channel ENX189. Any breach of the code is treason and is subject to investigation or termination.

If you have any syndrome of Mutation, please report to the nearest Mutant Registration Station immediately. As we all know, the cloning technology is perfect and will filter out Mutations when a clone is made. However, due to the treacherous plot of the Communists, some of you might be the unknowingly victims of Mutation. Unregistered Mutants are subject to termination.

Stay tuned and further instructions will reach you when needed.

Be normal, be happy.

Yours truly,
Friend Computer