Vampire: the Masquerade 敘事者信條

出自Laws of the night: storyteller guide。相信有很多人是在當了storyteller(or DM or GM ...etc)之後,才學會當storyteller的。也或許你並不需要這篇文章來教你如何當GM。


I am the Storyteller. I am here to tell stories.

People come to me to have a good time, and I will do my best to give it to them.

Without the story, there is no game. A good story is my goal and my guide.

I will recognize that I can't please everyone, no matter what I do.

When in doubt, I will favor the story.

I will be fair and balanced in my judgements. I will not play favorites or punish without cause.

I will do what is best for the game - I will deny the bad character concept, the unreasonable request, whining and temper tantrums.

I will have the guts to do what is necessary, especially when it's unpleasant, be it mediating a dispute or banishing a disruptive player.

I will do my best to be open to the players' need and understanding of their concerns.

If a player comes to me with a grievance, I will listen and try to help her.

If ever I find myself not having fun, I will give myself a break rather than let the game or player suffer.

I am the Storyteller. Let the story unfold.

Now that that's done, let's get to work.