Orc (or Ork)

A devouring monster or ogre.

Du Bartas (1598) speaks of an "Insatiate Orque, that even at one repast almost all creatures in the world would waste." Holland (1650) writes of a three-headed Orke, but stipulates that this one was "begotten by an incubus."

The word for the killer whale, Orc, is, apparently from a different root, though almost as old. Milton (Paradise Lost, XI, 833 ff.): "an island salt and bare, The haunt of seals and orcs, and sea-mews' clang."

-- Bergen Evans (1970). Dictionary Mythology. NY: Dell Publishing.


A sea-monster fabled by Ariosto, Drayton, and Sylvester to devour men and women. According to Pliny, it was a huge creature 'armed with teeth'.

-- http://www.pantheon.org/mythica.html