Timeline of AoME

Year (Imperial Calendar)

- Prelude begins
- Erick Cu'Lynnes (7)

- Fall of Tiashna under the Omarian Crusaders
- Destruction of the Brimitti Mercenary's Guild
- Establishment of Omarian Church Supremacy in Brimitti

- Ronderick Cu'Lynnes (14) leaves Cu'Farcey
- Harpensheen Grimshine appointed Chief Commander of the Imperial Garrison

- Ronderick Cu'Lynnes (17) enters the service of Grimshine Army

- Ronderick Cu'Lynnes (20) enters the service of the Imperial garrison

- Dispute between Mahar and Grimshine over Waterway Trade Rights Issues
- Period of Scattered Conflict between Mahar and Grimshine Forces
- Imperial Decree in Favor of Mahar, causing resentment in Grimshine
- (Envoy from Kalcestria by the Southern Lands enters Grimshine)

- Harpensheen Grimshine dismissed from the position of Chief Commander
of the Imperial Garrison (rumors points to struggle of various political forces)

- Ronderick Cu'Lynnes (24) appointed as commander of Imperial
garrison, Grimshine Province Division
- Secret Alliance between Grimshine and Kalcestria

1023. 5~8.
- Landing of Kalcestria Forces in Mahar
- "Blooded Betrayal": Authority of Mahar changes overnight
- Kalcestria Special Expeditionary Forces "Winter Storm" prepares
for assault on Heaven's Gate from Zen Ghoss
- Ronderick Cu'Lynnes (25) reported dead during a raiding skirmish
in the Dragonspine Mountains

1023. 9.
- Book I begins
- Adventure in the Outpost

1023. 11
- Invasion of Heaven's Gate by "Winter Storm"
- Ronderick Cu'Lynnes (25) resurfaces as one of the leaders
of the invasion forces

- Death of Edgardowa, 1st Speaker of the Omarian Church
- Ascension of Gabriel Cu'Hevesy to position of the 1st Speaker
- Kalcestian forces marches on CuLynnus
- Doom of the Red Wyrm
- The Return of Orlanz
- Battle of CuLynnus (Omarian vs. Kalcestrian forces)
- Omarian Forces capture CuLynnus
- Siege of El Byne
- Retreat of the Omarian Forces to CuBordans
- Order of the Burning Light leaves the Omarian Church

- Peasent Uprising at the village of Kent, Mahar
- The Kent Massacre by Kalcestrian forces

- Ronderick Cu'Lynnes (28)

Author: Dalune