OMA ("Omar" in the bastarized dialect of the south)
"Lord of the Burning Light" vs. "The Blinded One"

According to the Arshana Codex (supposedly, Arshana is the Greater Spirit of the Flames that forged the Firelords in the first place), Oma was the last of the Firelords to be forged by Arshana. As a result, he is the best "product" among the Firelords. Possessing Grace, Courage, beauty, and Wisdom, Oma is perhaps the closest image to the perfect existance. Oma is primarily in charge of birth and creation. However, just as Oma fills the realm with his light of life and creation, he is also blinded by his own blessing: he cannot see beyond life to death, nor beyond growth to decay (hence the nickname "Blinded One"). Possibly the result of his perfect image, he is often worshipped as the leader of the Firelords (even if he is the youngest). Suprisingly, this authority has not been seriously challenged by fellow churches since the establishment of the empires.

The Priests of Oma are often dressed in colors of white and gold. The major duties of the Oma priesthood is not really tangible. The fact that Oma is the leader of the Firelords means that his disciples are pretty much left to take care of every single duties in the 'grey area' (services not specifically assigned to the other churches). In other words, the Oma priests are often seen as 'back-ups' just in case no other priest could be found for the job. For most parts, Oma priests are seen as "jack-of-all-trades" among the commoners.

However, the 'elite' priests deals specifically with state related affairs. They often serve as tutors for the nobles and important figures. They keep records of important documents, run major ceremonies (other than war related ones, of course), and perform a wide list of other functions. They are the state bureaucrats, and hold significant influence within the emperor's court. However, only in dire circumstances will followers of Oma call upon this influence, since most of the 'elite' priests are aware of the political realities (there has never been an official record that this power has ever been used).

Omarian Church Structure:

Author: Dalune