"The Lord Who Watches" vs. "The Peasant King"

Holy Symbol:
A small flame surrounded by a circle of maple leaves

Regarded as the lord of the commoners, the worship of Janar is very popular among the commoners of Algamyn. Yet, he is probably the most uncommon* deity among the Firelords. Janar does not emanate the typical regal* impression that befit the Firelords. Instead, the Codex describes Janar as a kind, old man who is dressed in run-down clothing (much like a beggar). Yet, this atmosphere of kindliness and friendliness draws many skeptics into his circle of followers. Unlike the other Firelord hearth.

The Children of Janar

The color of the outfit ranges anywhere from orange to brown to dirty red, with the most popular being drab brown. In general, the priesthood of Janar is a rather particular group of people. At first glance, it is nearly impossible to tell them apart from the standard peasants. However, all priests of Janar have their hair braided, and all of them usually carry a wooden staff. The Janarian priesthood is probably the most diverse, too. There are both male and female clerics ranging from teens to verenable ages, not even mentioning the variety of races. Perhaps the only concept of rank in the priesthood is seniority. By practice, the seat of the Speaker is usually given to a venerable elder who has faithfully served the priesthood for an outstanding length of time (degree of power enter into consideration of selecting the leader).

The Oak Healers

The oak healers are a special groups of Janarian priests who dedicate their life to the study of herbalism and the art of non-magical healing. Members of this order spend much of their time in researching new combination of herbs that create beneficial effects on the human body, and also non-magical cures for epidemics and diseases. They believe that this is a way to create a better livelihood for the less fortunate inhabitants of the realm. Unfortunately, very few members of the realm priesthood understand their sense of philanthropy. Most regard them as traitors to the power of the priesthood. This is perhaps the main reason why they are often refgarded as the most unpopular organization in the realm of Algamyn.

Author: Dalune