The Firelords of Algamyn

In the realm of Algamyn, the "Domain of the Raging Flames", the element of fire reigns above all other forces. But to be more precise, the absolute power belong to the hand of the church(es) of the land. Since ancient days long before the establishment of the first empire under Tymols Crimsonflames (the supposed reincarnation of the Fire Dragon), the church has always commanded and controlled almost every aspect of everyday life. From birth until death, the residents of Algamyn cannot escape the influence of the four churches. Despite the decline of Church powers under the subsequent empires established along the way, the Churches still plays an important role in realm affairs, for the better or worse.

The Pantheon of Fire is essentially the state religion of Algamyn. It comprises of four major Fire Dieties: Oma, Orlanz, Mys-Phestus, and Janar. The first traces of all these dieties could be found in the Arshana Codex. An important note about the Firelords (according to the Codex) is that all of these Gods possess a fatal weakness, which also happens to be their strongest attribute. Below each God/Goddess are the "nicknames" most frequently used to represent them. As seen, one of them:

Author: Dalune